Kica Transforms Ministry

November 9th, 2019 Posted by Giving No Comment yet

Located in northern Uganda, this organization sets out to transform their community by supporting vulnerable children with material support, educational opportunities, access to medical care, and trained mentors.

KTM under Holistic Child Development supports orphans and vulnerable children of which majority are child headed households. These are children who are basically living on their own and providing for themselves or living with elderly people who are equally helpless and depend on the children.

Currently, many children have been left orphans due to multiple problems associated with over 20 years LRA war and HIV/AIDS disease and these children have been dropped or are at risk of dropping out of school, because there is no proper support.

The society that should have supported these children is also overwhelmed with their Individual family responsibilities.

KTM is coming to bridge the gap and work toward a system that provides a safe nurturing environment and promotes policies that protect these children. The support to these children includes education ( tuition, Scholastic materials and life skills), physical care ( food, medical, households), child advocacy and protection & psychosocial support (child counseling and mentoring training.

For nearly a year now, Zarmada has been sponsoring several families by fulfilling their needs on a quarterly basis, as well as helping to support the organization’s reach by funding the purchase of a vehicle, computers, and webcams.

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