At Zarmada we fundamentally believe that businesses have a responsibility to be good citizens. We are humbled by the opportunity we’ve been given to be able to make a difference both in our local community and across the globe. We hope that what we’re doing can inspire others to do the same.

We would like to share some more insight into our vision, mission, and focus areas. Our vision is to support flourishing people & communities. Our mission is to invest where we live and work; improve lives around the world; inspire others to do the same.


We believe that we are called to care for those who can’t care for themselves.


We believe that we are called to care for those less fortunate.


We believe that we are called to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

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We are grateful to be able to share some inspiring stories of what people and communities working together are able to accomplish with the right support and resources.


We are strategic in our giving and make both longer-term investments and meet shorter-term needs. We are open to funding things that aren’t shiny (and may not appeal to other donors) if those are the most strategic needs for an organization. We like learning from and working with other donors with similar passions and engage in opportunities to do so as they arise.


Bridge Receiving Center

Bridge Receiving Center

Improving the childcare foster system. A child’s first encounter with the foster care system is too often traumatic and confusing. We’re stepping in to change this by building a welcoming place where kids can feel safe and have access to the services they need.

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Olive Crest

After nearly 45 years of caring for abused and neglected children, there is one thing that is crystal clear – the key to transforming the life of a child broken from abuse is the healing power of a strong family.

When hurt and abandoned children are surrounded and supported by a loving family and nurturing relationships, it’s amazing to see the dark cloud of fear, loneliness, distrust, and despair begin to lift, and to see promise, hope and light begin to take hold.

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Kica Transforms Ministry (KTM)

Founded in 2015 by Reverend Nelson Okello. The Work of KTM began under Mercy Dominion Ministry Limited by guarantee a non- profit based in Kampala, Uganda.

Due to the success of the empowering society for transformation through holistic child development and leadership development, and a reorganization of Mercy Dominion Ministry Limited. Mrs Jessica Okello and Rev Nelson Okello decided to expand their work of reduction of Poverty, illiterate, poor health, child abused children, conflicted and poor leadership under Kica Transforms Ministry.

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Pilgrim Africa

To challenge despair, love boldly, and help African people create a future of sustainable prosperity and health. We give ourselves in service to others regardless of economic, religious, or social standing, working to empower and love others to the glory of God.

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Jubilee REACH

The mission of Jubilee REACH is to bring healing, build community, and transform the lives of the students and their families in Bellevue. We believe every child has the desire to be loved, known, affirmed and belong to something greater than self.

Our service in the Bellevue schools provides students with a trusted ally and creates an inclusive community among students. Jubilee REACH steps in the gap for those in need, providing access to programs and services focused on growing community and empowering our youth. These services include ESL classes, financial assistance, home furnishings from the Jubilee REACH Thrift Store and furniture bank, and mobile dental clinics.

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YFC Uganda

The team in Uganda is committed to evangelism and discipleship of its young people. Their current ministries include gospel outreach and crisis pregnancy counseling.

Outreach ministry takes place in school, church, sports, university and leadership development programs. Counseling and care for girls who are faced with crisis pregnancy and who have been rejected from home. There is a scholarship program which helps the young mothers, and their children, go back to school and also Operation Hannah encourages families to pray for their children and the nation.

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African Hospitality Institute

African Hospitality Institute began as a radical experiment in 2002 by it founder Maggie Josiah to seek meaning and purpose in life through service to others and trust that with God all things are possible. With years of experience in the hospitality industry, building a guesthouse that could be used as a training center was a perfect quest.

By 2006, the 10 room guesthouse was under construction and the hospitality vocational training program began teaching and caring for international guests at Ekitangaala Ranch in Central Uganda, East Africa.

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We rescue women and children from a life of sexual slavery and help restore them to a life of freedom, independence, and hope by providing for their physical, emotional, and holistic needs.

We prevent slavery by addressing key root causes like poverty and social issues. Through outreach, education, vocational training, and awareness programs, we help protect vulnerable communities where trafficking is likely to occur.

We disrupt the demand for sexual exploitation by providing action opportunities and education to empower our global network of abolitionists.

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SAFE was started by a team of people who lose sleep at night because they know girls and women are being sexually exploited in their communities.
That small group grew into a fantastic Advisory Board, that provides counsel on the direction, funding, and grant-making of SAFE.

We are grateful to everyone who helped SAFE come to life, and to the Advisory Board for giving their time, expertise, and resources to this effort.

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