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November 12th, 2019 Posted by admin Giving

The Zarmada Giving Fund grant allows us to increase both the number of students we serve, and the quality of life offered to each student. Our hostels had been filled beyond capacity, but now we are able to create fully functioning dormitories on the annexed land, thereby creating more space and providing healthier living arrangements. We are also able to expand our enrollment numbers, meaning more students have access to secondary education in a country where there’s a steep drop-off rate in attendance from primary to secondary school.

This project shall benefit 154 of our students who will reside in the Annex, effective September 16, 2019.This shift will immediately profit the whole student population (658 students), including 213 fully sponsored students. Following the plan for expansion next year the project shall continue to bless each of our current students as well as 300 more students per year as we will be able to enroll additional students upon completion of the Annex. The anticipated revenue generated from increased enrollment numbers per year is $145,800. This revenue can be reinvested in our long term goals of sustainability, reaching more students around rural Uganda.

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