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Sewing Hope Foundation

November 12th, 2019 Posted by admin Giving

This grant has enabled us to cover a very large cost of construction of the volunteer/guest house-sisters residence. The most important part of the construction from foundation up to rim beam has been accomplished using this money.

The new house will accommodate 10 people. The first beneficiaries of this project are the orphan children in Sewing Hope Children’s Village, who live very closed to the new house. In this way it will be very easy for the sisters/volunteers working in this project to monitor the children. There will be 80 children living in ten houses and 20 care givers. There is a Primary School with 7 classrooms which will take 280 children. This school is also administered by the sisters and volunteers who will reside in the new house. The community around Atiak area will benefit from these projects run by the sisters and volunteers because they will bring their children to our school and those children who are orphaned will be admitted and cared for here too. The position of our projects being closed to South Sudan boarder makes it accessible for refugees who are in camps not far away from our projects. They will benefit from Health care provision, School and orphanage under the care of the sisters/volunteers who will reside in the new building.

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